Mitula Group Privacy Policy
Mitula a company part of Mitula Group, informs users of that we understand the importance of personal data for our users and customers. At Mitula Group we are committed to respecting your privacy and data protection laws. In this sense, we have implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to guarantee confidentiality and integrity of personal data, in particular to avoid any accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure of, or access to personal data transmitted, stored or otherwise processed. This policy explains the purposes for which your personal data may be processed by this site and our Apps. Please read this carefully. By using this site, our App or any service derived from it, you agree you have been informed about the use we do of personal data collected. Applicable laws: We have a scrupulous respect for current regulation on the subject of personal data protection, this being, among others, the Organic Law 15/1999, of the 13th of December, on the Protection of Personal Data (the "LOPD") and the Royal Decree 1720/2007, of the 21st of December, approving the Regulation for the development of the LOPD.
1. Personal data collected
Data provided by users through this Website or related App will be incorporated into an automated file for which Mitula is responsible. Corresponding files have been duly registered at the Spanish Data Protection Agency. Website or related App may be visited without providing personal data. Any data will be provided voluntarily in order to access services requested. We will never use your information for any purpose other than to provide you with the service or information you have requested or as permitted by law. At this Website and related App we collect information about:

Visitors of our Website or related App:

When you visit our Website or related App we collect standard internet log information and, though cookies, details of your behavior online. We will use this data to analyze and improve user’s online experience as well as to provide adverts tailored to your likely interest or browser navigation preferences. You can review our Cookies policy here.

Registered users:

When you register at our Website or related App we will ask you for a:
  • valid email address
  • name
  • password
this data is mandatory and we cannot create an account without it.
In some cases we may ask you for additional information like surname, gender or date of birth to improve our services and products. This info is not mandatory and additional details about the use of this data will be given on specific sections of this policy.
Once registered you became an active user and you’ll have access to functions like saving searches or favourite ads, manage alerts and notifications preferences or select language and country among others. Currently, same user account is valid for some Mitula group sites (Currently Mitula and Nestoria only) and therefore you authorize Mitula to share your account info with other Mitula Group sites and for the purposes of delivering services offered by each site or App.
By becoming a registered user you authorize us to send notifications according to our commercial and promotional notifications policy. You can opt-out from this option at registry or at settings options at the App.
We will process this data to validate, manage your account and generating user profiles so we can send alerts and personalized commercial information regarding the products or services related to those offered by Mitula Group or our partners.

Users of Mitula Jobs App:

Mitula Jobs App allows two different users registration: Recruiters and candidates.
Candidates users registered at Mitula Jobs App may provide us with details about their work experience, education, languages and other data which may be included on a resume additionally to data required to create an account. This data will be considered your profile and you authorize us to process this data in order to provide you with services offered, among others: provide recommended jobs, send alerts about jobs you have subscribed, you have added to your favourites or suits your work profile as well as giving you more efficient results while searching for a job.
Also, you authorize us to share your name, profession and profile with recruiters registered at Mitula jobs. Recruiters which has posted at least one job vacancy will not be able to chat with you unless chat notifications are enabled under your notification setting preferences.
Notification settings allows user to enable or disable mobile, chat and email notifications according to your preferences.
Profile data will only be available to recruiters while registered in the App.
Recruiters will be required only to enter a name, a valid email address and information about the company in order to create an account. In case you add a job vacancy additional information will be required regarding the position offered.

Users who want to receive alerts:

When you provide us with a valid email address for this purpose you authorize us to send alerts, offers, promotions and recommendations by email regarding products and services that match the users’ queries and searched. You can unsubscribe from getting this alerts at any time by using unsubscribe option given on each email notification.

Users who contact us or request information:

When you send us an email or send a request information form we need a valid email address to answer you or send requested information. We will only process personal data provided with the purpose to solve your request and any action derived from it. In case you provide us with unrequested personal data or exceeds what we need to solve your questions this data will be deleted from our files.
If you would like to apply for a job at Mitula Group. Please visit our corporate site at

Users who are transferred from Mitula Group Sites to partner Sites:

In some cases one of the Mitula Group companies may be responsible for data collected under our partner site from users who were transferred from one of our Sites. Our Partner will inform you in this sense and about the purposes of the processing. If you have any doubt or wants to opt-out do not hesitate to contact us at

Users who make comments or chats with other users:

As a registered user you can add comments to news or post added to our blogs and in some Apps you are able to chat with other users. If you add a comment, please be aware that your profile name and comments will be publicly disclosed on our Website. We reserve the right to eliminate your comment or char conversation and suspend your account if it doesn’t comply with the following guidelines:
  • Do not submit a comment that is abusive, defamatory, disrespectful, illegal, offensive or disparaging (whether on the basis of disability, ethnicity, gender, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, traits with which people are born, or otherwise).
  • Do not submit a comment that attacks or threatens another person, threatens or promotes violence, contravenes, denigrates or threatens fundamental rights and constitutionally recognized public freedom, contemplated in international treaties and regulations.
  • Do not submit comment if it is used for commercial, advertising or illicit purposes.
  • Do not submit a comment if content violates the rules on secrecy or confidentiality of communications, contains a virus or any other physical or electronic component which may cause damage to or impede the normal functioning of the Website, or causes, due to its particular features, difficulties to the normal functioning of the service.
  • Do not submit a comment if it contains personal data such as postal addresses, telephones, email addresses or ID numbers.
  • Do not submit a comment if it is published with the intent of impersonating staff members of a company part of Mitula Group or another user by using a similar identification or another method or mechanism.

Users who want to participate in a contest:

When you participate into a contest we may collect personal data about you which will be used according to specific details included under the contest rules. Please read carefully contest rules before entering into the contest.

2. Data Quality
Users must notify Mitula Group of any modification that arises in the data provided, being liable in any case for the authenticity and accuracy of the data provided at all times. Mitula Group will attempt to diligently verify the authenticity of said data, reserving, where appropriate and without prejudice to other actions that may correspond to them, the right to not register or to drop those users that provide false or incomplete data. Said prior verification does not signify in any case the assumption of any responsibility by Mitula Group for any damages nor prejudices that may arise from the misrepresentation or inaccuracy of the supplied data, for which the user will be solely responsible.
3. Disclosure of personal data
Personal data collected from the Website or related App will not be released to third parties, except in specific cases in which user has given consent.
Mitula may share registered users account information with other Mitula Group companies in order to deliver a better service and for promotional purposes.
4. Commercial and promotional notifications policy
We do not want anyone to receive unsolicited emails (spam).
When you accept to receive commercial and promotional notifications we may send you by email or any other contact method provided information about products and services, ours or from our partners, about the following industries: automotive, real state, fashion, textile, employment, finance, insurance, computers, technology, telecommunications, electronics, videogames, music, television, films, radio, communication, editorial, childcare, food, education, home, health, pharmaceutical, leisure, consumer goods, personal care, water, energy, transport, tourism and toys. You can opt-out from this option at registry, at settings options inside the App or by clicking on unsubscribe option on each communication.
5. Rights of Users
If you have any doubt about this policy or want to make a request to access, rectify or cancel personal data held by the Mitula Group or oppose to the processing of it, you can do it by written communication, directed to: Madrid, calle Enrique Granados, 6, Edificio B, Planta 2 C.P. 28224, or by email at Mitula Group may require verification of identity.
6. Use of cookies
This Website and its related App use cookies for the purpose of providing certain services and functions, as well as to help the users to improve their online experience. More information regarding this issue can be found in our Cookies Policy.
7. Links to third parties
MITULA GROUP assumes no responsibility derived from any other privacy policies or practices from websites accessed via the hyperlinks located on this Website or related App and not directly managed by MITULA GROUP. Therefore, MITULA GROUP, does not assume responsibility for the information contained on these same third party sites nor for any consequences that may arise from said information.
If any user or third party should observe that said links may be contrary to law, morality or public order, they must inform MITULA GROUP via its email address at:
8. Modifications
We will notify the user of changes in the privacy policy of the Website prior to their occurrence. If the user is not satisfied with the changes, they must refrain from using the Website or related App. The use of the Website or related App after the notification of the changes will imply the acceptance of these same changes on the part of the user.
Last updated: 14 August 2017